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Latest Beauty Tips Glowing Skin For Men & Women

Latest Beauty Tips Glowing Skin For Men & Women
 Latest Beauty Tips Glowing Skin For Men & Women

Heat, sun, wind, swimming ...This summer we have some Latest Beauty Tips Glowing Skin For Men & Women for the time of the year when we reconnect with his body, it is also the one where it is exposed more. With two words essential to well-being: hydration and lightness. 

Here are the rituals that sublimate, protect and refresh face, hair, legs, feet ...
No more question, the time of the holidays, to speak of fastidious blow-dry or camouflaging foundation ... In summer, one relieves the usual beauty rituals and one takes time for gestures well-being.

1). Face In The Heat: Multiply The Moisturizing Gestures

In summer the skin heats up more, the water evaporates faster. It needs more intense hydration and lighter textures ... a question of comfort.

"It's not so much heat but prolonged sun exposure that dehydrates the skin, says Dr Sylvie Body, dermatologist. UV abuse affects dermal cells that contain 80% water but also elastic fibres and collagen that participate in the support frame.

This network deteriorates under the effect of the sun, the skin dries up and manifests, in extreme cases, the signs of solar elastosis: lack of tonicity, relaxed areas, etc.
Remember One Thing Beauty Tips Glowing Skin ForMen And Women Are Totally Different.
The solution:
Multiply moisturizing gestures, much like the famous Japanese-style layering that prefers the application of two thin layers of a product rather than thick. Thus, one swaps its rich and thick cream and one applies in the morning a gel-cream texture, provided to boost it by retouches of hydration during the day.

The gestures "more":
apply a moisturizing lotion in the morning to clean;
use a light serum in a thin layer under the day cream;
spray his skin with thermal water in the day, count to ten and absorb with a tissue paper;

make a mask in the evening when the skin needs it.
The SOS gesture: a redness? Cool it with a mist of thermal water, apply in a thick layer an after-sun cream or type Cicabio ointment or Cicaplast Balm B5. Avoid rubbing with a garment, do not expose yourself or, at least, put on high protection without forgetting to wear a hat.

2). Put On Makeup In Summer Without Shine

To avoid shine and the make-up that flows under the effect of heat ... here are the tips of Carole Colombani, professional makeup artist.

                                                                                                                              For the complexion: the time is at BB bronze, these BB cream special summer that boosts the good mine in transparency. They are perfect and almost enough on one condition: use a slightly mattifying treatment underneath or touch up during the day to absorb the extra shine.

For the eyes: the texture that holds the best on the eyes is the long-wearing cream blush, it comes in a jar or big jumbo pencil, accompanied by a waterproof mascara.

For the lips: the colour that best sublimates the tan is pink: "Play the card of true pink, soft but not pastel, which puts the mouth in value," still advises Carole Colombani.

The SOS gesture: swap his loose powder against matting papers. "On a skin that shines because of sebum and perspiration, adding loose powder would not be very happy: risks of visible traces ... Better to use paper towels that will remove more than add something on the skin. "

3). Stains: Do Not Let Any More UV
Women who are prone to stains know it well: it is absolutely necessary to protect oneself from the sun.

"You have to know that all the spots - whether sunspots or lentigos, melasma or pregnancy mask - are stimulated by the sun. A 50+ sunscreen, even if it is necessary, is not enough to prevent these spots. And This is an important tip for glowing skin for both men and women.

Wear a hat, do not expose yourself at any time between noon and 4 pm, pay attention to the reverb ... are all measures to follow without exception.

The SOS gesture: in addition to the sun protection measures, the application of a tinted concealer a little thick (concealer type or, better still, a tinted compact sunscreen) on the spots will be a double blow: standardize the complexion and the to protect a little more UV.

4). Lighten Her Legs

Heavy leg treatments contain veinotonic active ingredients such as red vine or horse chestnut, which is often associated with menthol for immediate freshness. In the evening, the application of the cream for the feet and legs, massaging and kneading the arch, will bring comfort and lightness.

The SOS gesture: walk in water at 20 ° C for 20 minutes. Resistance is five times higher than on land, and work on muscles is more intense.

5). Daily, "Says Muriel Monteverdi, Chiropody Pedicurist. His Tips Are Simple To Apply
Cut your nails every two weeks, cutting straight and blunting the edges.
Put a grater on your heels once a week, without rubbing, preferably in the shower.

Put a foot cream every night, "and use a specific cream, because body milk is too liquid and does not penetrate enough into the thick skin of the foot. this is also an important tip for glowing skin men and women both.

Use coloured varnish at will, but on one condition: once every two weeks, remove it to check the condition of the nails.

The SOS gesture: in the event of a cracked heel, use Steri-Strip dressings to close the edges, or a second Compeed-type skin dressing to recreate an occlusive environment. If the slits are important, go to the pedicure for a reset.

6). Hair: Resist Wind And UV
"I clearly see among my clients the ones whose hair improves in the summer. They have naturally thin hair, which requires quick and they are looking for volume and more texture.

For them, the spray is true natural styling, which makes their hair both thicker and drier, "says Pierrick Beringer, expert hairdresser Kérastase.

But what makes the joy of some - the wind, the spray - makes the hair drama of others: thicker hair can indeed become difficult to comb.

Why? Because the mechanical effect of the wind and the repetition of the baths raises the scales of the hair, which becomes less shiny and less smooth. The solution: to load hair into nourishing and disciplining care.

Pierrick's advice is simple: when the hair needs more nutrition in the summer, it is necessary to increase the frequency of care. "From one mask per week, we go to an application every two days to be sure to keep hair soft until the end of the summer.

It is necessary to respect the time of break but not more: to keep his care applied on the hair all night does not serve much. "

The SOS gesture: in the evening, returning from the beach, instead of washing the hair with a classic shampoo, just rinse with warm water and massage with a large amount of conditioner. Rinse again.

This will get rid of dust, salts and other grains of sand of the day, bringing them a touch of care and also better idea for glowing your skin.

7). Preserve The Colour

"For coloured hair, we tend to think that sunscreen will prevent colouring to migrate, but it is inaccurate. A coloured hair anyway will tend to clear in summer.

We can just stop this process by using, in addition to suitable protection, shampoos without sulfate to limit the bleeding of the colour.

The SOS gesture:
Coloured hair will remain beautiful if it is shiny, even if it is a little thin. The right gesture: a bath of hair oil. Before shampooing, apply hair oil on the hair, massage and wick the hair to make sure the hair is
well impregnated.

Wait 30 minutes before doing the usual shampoo.

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