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Nutrition Tips For Toxicity During Pregnancy

Nutrition Tips For Toxicity During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a good time, but during this week, women can suffer from some negative factors. One of them is toxic. The organism undergoes a restructuring process and produces a large number of toxins. The main symptoms of this symptom are nausea and vomiting. This can be avoided: you observe today's regime and know what to eat when you are pregnant with toxicity.

To avoid vomiting, pregnant women should not miss a meal such as breakfast. Even with nausea, future mothers should preferably eat oatmeal or muesli with a glass of yoghurt and freshly squeezed juice. Quickly digested these products contribute to the development of glucose and improve the condition of women. The second meal can be more complete, but the maximum break is two hours.

It is better to give up completely in dense broth and fat soup. In the case of deep-fried dishes, large amounts of oil are commonly used to indicate heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms of gastrointestinal functioning.

Useful Products
The degree of symptoms varies according to the nutritional status of pregnant women with toxicity. Here is a list of foods that can be eaten with toxicity.

Citrus, which contains a lot of vitamin C, kiwi helps to purify the toxin.
Rubbed soup;
Melons, cucumbers, symptoms of toxic symptoms can be reduced;
Lollies with mint or sour taste;
Alkaline minerals still water;
Almost all kinds of fruits;
Vegetables including potatoes;
A protein of animal origin: low-fat meats, boiled eggs, cheese (low fat);
Small amounts of butter and vegetable oil;
Milk and dairy products.
Porridge: millet, rice, buckwheat;
A small amount of bread.
Bread can be taken in dry form. If you do not have a chance to eat, you can eat a cracker that helps fight against the nauseating attack.

Products must be carefully selected for their toxicity: good quality, fresh and natural. The balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates is important.

Harmful products
Some of the products that are used to prepare pregnant women's meals are noteworthy. These products cause most symptoms. You should avoid problems during acute periods.

Smoked food;
Sharp and greasy food;
Fried food;
Dairy products (depending on the state);
Coffee or strongly brewed tea;

Dairy products help supplement calcium deficiency, but they can cause nausea due to toxicity.

Knowing what to eat can greatly alleviate your condition. This time will be much easier, the baby will be completely safe, and pregnancy will leave happy memories.

Example of Daily Diet
Pregnancy with toxicity should be excluded from the individual product menu. They contribute to the appearance of unpleasant symptoms recorded in the morning as a woman comes out of bed. I do not want to have breakfast, but I have to. The menu for toxicity is rough as follows.

Breakfast is prepared in the evening. This meal is as easy as possible. It is good to wake up sleeping near the bed. Good snacks are based on dried apricots, raisins. It is suitable for a light breakfast for a small number of crackers, a soft teacup and a vitamin cocktail. Cruel cool water with lemon slice added to improve the condition with orange juice.
The second breakfast includes vegetable mesh potatoes, Pate and Mousse, and a pureed soup on the menu. Breakfast options can include dying.
Snack. Prepare nuts, crackers or peppermint candies as they are prone to nausea symptoms during the day. You can also put lemon slices, apples, and salted cabbage in your diet for early toxins in your pregnancy.
Lunch. At this time, the soup puree will be cooked in vegetable broth, and the grilled meat dish will be eaten with steamed or steamed food. Good remedies for toxicity are pumpkin porridge, ginger and lemon tea.
Dinner as simple as possible: boiled fish, vegetable stew, sour milk products (if you endure well), fruits, vegetables.
In addition to nutrition, doctors encourage you to change the lifestyle and regime of the day. So toxinosis will be much less worrying. Regular walking and aired - Ensuring a healthy pregnancy and beautiful mood of a pregnant woman.

Weekly Mode Tips
In addition to changing the diet, pregnant women with toxicosis also need:

Immediately after awakening, the position of the body does not suddenly change, I lay a little.
Contact with all possible irritants is excluded.
You can not move suddenly.
If an attack occurs, you may need to breathe through your mouth regularly, delaying breathing.
Ventilate your room regularly (every 2-3 hours).
Drink fresh air every day;
Sufficient sleep is recommended.
We often have to get out of town to walk in the forest.
Include in diet snacks to help nausea.
It is also important that clothes for sleeping and walking should be comfortable without restricting movement, and be beautiful at the same time. A perfect state must not only bring a positive physical sensation but also convey an aesthetic pleasure.

Some diets for pregnant women are toxic
Toxicity during pregnancy occurs in every expected maternal and is considered a sign of norms. It usually disappears 12 weeks after nausea and vomiting disappear and the second trimester begins.

Toxicity is characterized by the rejection of certain products by certain organisms. However, for the complete and proper development of the fetus, nutrients must be supplied in normal quantities.

Nutrition during the bleeding
The morning of a pregnant woman suffering from poisoning starts with intense sleepiness. To avoid emotional reflexes, a woman is advised not to get up in bed after waking up, but in a horizontal position for a while.

At this time, it is allowed to eat dried fruits, nuts or hard cookies (without using cream and chocolate).

You should drink a cup of water, a half of lemon, and a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach. This drink has been increasing the acidity of the stomach, blocking the development of vomiting reflex.

In the case of toxaemia in early pregnancy, nutrition should be an adequate and adequate intake of vitamin B6. That is, cottage cheese and eggs are legumes.

People who are sensitive to food odours should eat cold food, but not solid foods. This will cause vomiting reflections.

Do not drink liquid - before eating - the interval is at least 60 minutes.

To supplement the lost fluid, it is best to eat lightly salted cabbage, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Vomiting that is repeated 10 or more times a day cannot be removed by itself, so hospitalization is necessary to prevent dehydration.

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