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Vogue Beauty Tips For Face At Home

Vogue Beauty Tips For Face At Home
vogue beauty tips for face at home

Vogue Beauty Tips For Face At Home

In this special Article, We tell you about Vogue Beauty Tips For Face At Home,

This is the ritual that is zapped during the rest of the year, yet essential to remove the features and regain brilliance. The right actions: take a few drops of vegetable oil and massage by smoothing.

With your thumb and forefinger, lightly pinch your cheeks and contours of your face, to stimulate microcirculation and boost the activity of fibroblasts to gain firmness.

Then perform pressure points with your index fingers, at the inner corner of the eyes, along with the rings, at the birth of the eyebrows and just above the eye socket. Finish with horizontal smoothing with both hands, from the centre of the forehead to the outside and from the chin to the ears.

1). Sun Powder: Good-Natured
It is the essential make-up product that warms the complexion all year long. As long as you choose it and make good use of it. The ideal?

Two shades darker (no more) than your complexion and not too brown, to avoid the dull effect. Choose the multicoloured mixture of brown and rosé or apricot.

After applying your foundation or day cream, and once the face is dry, remove the powder with a large brush (for wide diffusion) and sweep it on the bulging of the face, where the sun naturally settles: from the temple on the top of the cheekbone and cheekbone to the jaw. Finish by the bridge of the nose.

2). Self-Tanning: It's A Good Illusion
Well mastered, it gilds us perfectly. Give priority to progressive care, which intensifies with the use of applications, such as tanning over exhibitions.

Their secret? Formulas low in DHA, the agent caramelizing the epidermis. Focus on light textures such as waters or oils, evanescent and easy to use. The good gesture? this is very important for Vogue Beauty For Face At Home.

Start with exfoliation and then perform smoothing movements, avoiding the edge of the scalp and eyebrows, and down to the neck and décolleté.

You can use it every day until the desired intensity is achieved. Then make an application every two or three days.

3). Good-Looking Drops: A Tailor-Made Result
To warm up a complexion and give a foundation or cream a beautiful golden finish, adopt the drops look good. Their asset: you can dose them yourself to modulate the intensity.

To bring light, prefer those with a hint of mother-of-pearl. If you have the features marked, adopt a more transparent texture, almost caramel.

Warning, beware of overdose: start with a drop in the palm of your hand, mixed with your usual care or makeup product, then increase if necessary because it is difficult to go back if you forced the dose.

4). The Tinted Cream: The Second Skin Effect
After hydrating your skin with a serum, place a dab of BB cream on a foundation brush and stretch the material evenly, to improve consistency and fade shadows, redness and small defects. this is better for Vogue Beauty For Face.

If you use a tinted cream alone, choose a hint more golden than your complexion. For a perfect tan finish, apply a little foundation over it, targeting only the areas that need it (cheeks, forehead for example).

5). Contouring Care: For A Subtle Finish
Contouring products can also help you cheat. The lighter shade applies where you want to accentuate the volumes.

The darkest, on the parts, to dig by an optical effect: temples, maxillary, below the chin, sides of the nose.

In addition, to redraw the facial shapes, it brings a slight tanned effect to the face. You can also play with several shades of foundation if you wish.

6). Blush: A Nice Blow Of Bluff
vogue beauty tips for face at home

Well chosen, he can illicit the illusion of a sunny face. Generously sweep a rosewood or bright orange powder over the crown of the cheek.

You can also try a cream or a formula more fluid, more transparent and satin, even better adapted.

If you do not have one, put a few drops of serum on the back of your hand, take a brush makeup and mix both before applying it widely.

7). I Make A Skin Diagnosis

Take advantage of this summer period when shops are less busy to learn a little more about your skin and find it suitable care. But remember few things while doing this it,s better for Vogue Beauty For Face.

At Marionnaud, the Ioma Sphere 2 (a sharp machine) analyzes hydration rate, sebum, depth of wrinkles, nascent spots, redness ... thanks to a series of photos taken on site. And it's free.

8). I Go To Home Beauty Treatments

The seasonal recipe is also in your bathroom! Peel and pit a mango, pass it through the blender and add a handful of cane sugar.

You get a 100% greedy and healthy exfoliant. Massage the body with this preparation in circular motions and rinse thoroughly. You can also crush the flesh of 8 seeds of grapes seeded and peeled and apply this paste on your face.

Leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. And hop ! an express mini-lifting.

9). I Do Not Have Any Dry Shampoo
vogue beauty tips for face at home

Mix a tablespoon of corn flour and a tablespoon of baking soda. Add 2 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil, tea tree or peppermint. Apply on your roots and let act 3 minutes. Brush your hair to remove residue.

Are you brown and want to flatter your reflections? Try 2 tablespoons of cornmeal + 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder + 2 drops of essential oil of your choice (why not cinnamon, for its pleasant scent?)

And proceed in the same way. Blonde hair? In this case, prefer 2 tablespoons of white powdered clay + 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

10). Keep Your Sunscreen Vogue Beauty Tips For Face At Home
The sunscreens are kept twelve months after opening, and you can not necessarily keep your tube started from one year to another.
vogue beauty tips for face at home

During the period of use, keep your cream in a cool, dry place. If the texture becomes lumpy, pasty or the product is out of date, expiry date or not, no hesitation, we throw!

I broke my lipstick stick!
Lightly melt the damaged base of the stick by bringing the flame of a lighter a few inches from your lipstick. After flattening the irregularities of the broken piece with a knife blade, lay it on the base by pressing gently.

Repeat the flame nearby, all around the repaired area. Smooth the demarcation with the tip of a toothpick and put your lipstick a few hours in the refrigerator. It's like new!

Natural recipe of care against cellulite
Think of essential oils, they are sovereign! Our recipe? In 100 ml of vegetable oil of your choice, pour 30 drops of lemon essential oil, 30 drops of Sea Crista, 30 drops of Atlas Cedar and 30 drops of Lemongrass. Apply twice a day, in massage, to the affected areas.

I missed my homemade colouring...

The colour is too dark? Make it disgorge faster by increasing the frequency of shampoos. Use a very moisturizing formula or dandruff that you leave for 5 minutes.

Your blond hair shows green reflections? In a bowl of warm water, mix the juice of one lemon and two effervescent aspirins. Wet your hair with this mixture and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

How to make my hair soft?
Start with a meticulous haircut every night, head down, to rid your hair particles pollutants, dust.

After your shampoo/treatment, rinse thoroughly with cold water and lemon juice to remove the scale and tighten the scales. Brilliance and flexibility assured!

With what to relieve my chapped lips?
The answer is in your kitchen! This very fragile area of the face, which is irritated and cracks easily, needs softness. To repair the sores, mash a piece of banana with a fork until you get a smooth purée.

Put this mixture on your mouth and keep it (without eating it!) For 15 minutes. Another gourmet option: spread a small layer of honey or a drizzle of olive oil and wait patiently half an hour.

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