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What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat?

What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat?

What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat?
Let's start our talk. To keep the running cars, petrol or gas is not required only to keep the cars, but many things are needed, such as Engine Oil, Porsche of Car to Improve Engine Flow To keep good, oil oil, water to keep the electric oil and engine heat at one point to prevent the moving vehicle.

Now let him understand that different types of oils and water are actually nutrients, which are possible to drive wealth vehicles. Please say everything has been put in the car,

But the engine is not inserted, what vehicle It will be able to walk and if it is gone, how long will it be? Surely it will be a few steps away and the engine will be ruined.
We look at the same example on the two wheels!

Assume that we get daily baked meat and we should enjoy just 2 p.m. evening in the morning. First, it is not possible that man's change-like mood will be very quickly understood by this continuous process and if so,

We will soon get ill. So this is why meat needs some of our body's needs. You will complete, but most will not be able to do it.

It is very important to understand that every diet we enter through our mouth, does not provide energy to the whole body, so it helps to keep some parts of the body moisturized.

Although there is such a diet, Which keeps the body healthy in terms of health. If it was not, nutrients could not survive on breast milk only for a period of time.

The diet that comes to the nutritious period of milk involves speciality as milk.
There can be many problems, including low blood pressure bone habitat.

Every food given by Allah is a great blessing in its place and as much as possible to be thankful on these delights, one is less. Another case of greed is also to consider which diet of energy is hidden in the diet.

Experts of the vegetarian diet after research have discovered what food is hidden in the diet, such as eating carrot, cabbage and mustard, does not lack blood, reduce the risk of cancer. Eyes do not get too low.

Most of us make a lot of food while eating a throat, they should know that the tory-hitesin (Vitamins C) and glucose is vegetable. It does turn away, the urine is opened, that is also of fruit.

What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

The apple is full of foliage, and antibodies. It is important to know that the nutrients It is divided into four groups and it tells us the secret that if we add foods containing four groups daily or at least two days of our three recurring foods, then we are safe from many diseases.

The names of these four groups are:
1. Proteins 2.Oils 3. Cereals 4. Vegetables & Fruits

Lemah is called meat in Arabic and meat means animal meat. Geats, beats, goats, and fish etc. are related to this group. The food mixes us with phosphorus, potassium, chemistry, fluorine, and iodine etc.
What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

It is healthy The ingredients strengthen our bones, teeth and muscles.
Hemo in the blood produce gluten and regularize gland process etc.

What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

This group includes milk, butter, cardiovascular, oil etc. This group also strengthens our bones and teeth. It is said that for the purpose it contains all kinds of nutrition except the Haiti G (E) That is why children are encouraged to drink milk in every society.

Vegetables And Fruits:
These provide us with the best fibre, which plays an important role in maintaining system digestion. The lungs are considered light diet and often digest vegetables easily. It helps to make blood. We have the amount of vegetable and fruit available by Haitian A, B and C (Vitamin A, B, OC).

There are delicious delights of power, pulses and wheat.
These years are safe, do not spoil. They have low nutrition. These are the best way to obtain a penis. It is difficult for people to achieve meat, pulses are present as the best alternatives.
What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

Unfortunately, our nutritional habits are not healthy. Most domestic women are not aware of the concept of nutrition. In the selection of diseases, we usually give more flavours and flaws more important.

If we make a promise that we will keep these four groups of nutrients with continuity in their use, then make sure that you get rid of more than half the diseases.

A diet of a diet is also that you eat less than hungry food, ie not too little, not too much. Good nutritional habits are our health and long lifespan.

Consider five ways you can improve your health by doing so!

1. Wash Your Hands:
According to many health institutions, one of the best ways to prevent hand-washing and their spread.
What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

People usually get nausea, cold, and fluorescence because they get nose or eyes with dirty hands. The best way to avoid these diseases is that you often wash hands in the day.

Follow the principles of hygiene. So you can also avoid serious illnesses such as pneumonia and dangers etc. Due to such diseases, more than 20 million children suffer from death, which are less than five years old.

Applying a small habit of hand washing can also reduce the likelihood of spreading Ebola cognitive disease. In some cases, hand washing is very important to prevent the health of our patients, such as:

After using a toilet after adjusting or pissing them after pissing or puffing them on a wound and after meeting with a sick person, after eating or eating vegetables or meat etc., cutting, cooking, eating and drinking etc.

After throwing an animal after touching an animal or its wasting after snatching, coughing or nose before offering it to others.

2. Use Clean Water:
Some can take precautions that may reduce or decrease the possibility of suffering from some diseases.
What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

Hormones usually occur due to drinking water or eating such a meal that contains germs for the patient's patient's disease. Whether it is caused by water or due to any other problem, How can you avoid diseases?

Keep in mind that you always use clean water to drink, toothbrush, ice cream, wash vegetables, cooking and wash the dishes.

In many countries, the water of public water or a good company is often protected.

If you feel that water mixed with a pipe is contaminated, use it properly to boil or use water purification medicines. If you use chlorine or any other medicine, then use it. Follow the company's instructions carefully.

If you have standard filters available in your country and you can buy them, use them to clean water. If there is no medicine or water purification filter, do not mix domestic bleach in water.

Only one in litre water Add drops. Then clean it well and let it stay for 30 minutes. Use it later.
3. Eating Healthy Foods:
Be careful in eating foods
It is important for good health to eat balanced and nutritious food.
Keep in mind that do not use excessive salt, grease and sugar and do not eat more than once at the same time.
What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

Make sure to add fruits and vegetables to your food and try not to eat the same type of food each day. The lunch of lentils is more fibre than white flour. Similarly, the bread of two loaves of bread, dairy and pasta They are more fibre and nutritious than the things made of mud.

Therefore, when purchasing them carefully consider the information written on them, so that you can see whether it is red or yellow. Eat meat that does not contain much fat in order to obtain protein.

Grocery, butter, cheese, cake And biscuits etc., because they also have high fat. Using syrup or fat to cook, it is better to use good oil.

Due to excessive salt in the food, blood pressure can increase which is harmful. If you are suffering from this disease, reduce the amount of salt in your food and if you buy a packaged food, then its label But check the amount of salt.

It is not important to take care of what kind of diet you eat, but it is also important to see how much you eat.

Take pleasure from your food, but do not eat as much hungry. If the food is not cooked properly or it is not preserved properly, it may cause food pose nuts, severe stomach and may be severe. Millions of people every year suffer severe illness due to such a healthy eating diet. Most people get well early but some die because of it.

What can you do to avoid it?
Vegetables often grow in the soil, so that they can wash them properly before using it. Wash your hand, knife, vessel and place where you place them by placing them with tears or meat. Use hot and soap water for it.

Do not keep cooked food in such a place or plate where you previously planted egg, raw meat or fish.

Wash this place or plate firstly. Cook it until it is well cooked. Keep it in the refrigerator if you do not eat food immediately.

If your room temperature is 22 degrees C, and throw it in the room for 2 hours throw it. But if the air temperature is above 32-degree centigrams, then throw it after 1 hour.

4. Get Regular Exercises:
Regardless of your age, regular exercise should be done to stay healthy, because exercise helps sleep better, the body remains flexible, the bones and the muscles are strong.
What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

Weight decreases or is appropriate, the risk of depression remains low.
At least
The risk of crying reduces.
Due to no exercise:
There may be heart disease.

The smell may be oily. Bold pressure can increase. Cholesterol can increase . The flue may occur.

You must work according to your age and health. It is good to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise. It is said that children and adolescents should jump at least one hour each day.

The boys should take a lightweight exercise for a couple of hours a week or a tight exercise.

You can choose a game as an exercise. Oracle hair, stick, and football etc. for example. You can run, swim, walk faster, or run a bicycle Are there But what is the difference between lightweight exercises and hard work?

Lightweight exercise is what happens to your sweat, but during this time you can talk to others while doing so hard work is very difficult.

5. Complete Sleep:
The amount of comfort and relaxation of sleep on our sleep increases and the amount of sleep also changes. Chronic babies sleep 16 to 18 hours a day: One to three years old baby sleeps 14 hours and three or four years of child 11 or It takes 12 hours.
What Are The Healthy Foods To Eat

School children need at least 10 hours, young people need about 9 or 10 hours, and adults need 7 to 8 hours sleep.

We should not think that every hour we swear, it does not matter. The whole sleep is essential for the development of children and youth.No things are necessary to learn and remember.

It is important to maintain, which has a strong impact on the process of transforming food into our weight and body.

Absolute sleeping causes obesity, depression, heart disease, sugar and liquor accidents. It shows how is important sleeping. Yes if you feel that your sleep does not get fulfilled What can you do?

Set aside a time to sleep and wake up every day. Keep quiet and dark in your room while sleeping. Some cool or not hot.

Do not watch TVs or use mobile phones after bedding on the bed. Make the bed comfortable.

Do not eat too much before sleeping and do not drink tea, coffee or wine.
If you do not sleep well during sleeping or sleep too much during the day, or if you wake up because of breathing during your sleep, Try a doctor.

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